5 Erotic Massage Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask – Answered!

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5 Erotic Massage Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask – Answered!

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There’s no shortage of services providing pleasure massage in Las Vegas. While they thrive on quality assurance, you may find your experience to be vastly different depending on the questions you ask and the services you seek.

Find the answers to the questions you may be too embarrassed to ask a massage service down below.

1. Will My Privacy be 100% Assured?

You’re well within your rights to make sure your privacy is secured, and the only way to do so is to ask the service at the time of booking the service.

Ask your service provider whether they guarantee discretion during and after the session. If they answer in the affirmative and provide no further explanation, you’re more than welcome to ask them for one.

We, for one, guarantee privacy by bringing the service to a location of your choice.

2. Are There Extra Charges for a Happy Ending Massage?

A happy ending is a doublespeak for a full-service massage that includes not just sexual stimulation but also comes with an orgasm for the client. While you can personalize it for any erotic massage, you may want to make sure it doesn’t come with extra charges.

Paying extra for a happy ending may not make you a happy camper. You’ll also want to get it out of the way before your massage session to ensure maximum relaxation.

3. Are All the Services Legal?

It’s difficult to tell whether a hotel room massage is legal or not because you don’t really get to see anyone other than the therapist assigned to serve you. The only way to make sure you aren’t unintentionally facilitating an offense is to ask them whether their masseurs are legal adults.

Once you’ve made sure your therapists are above 18, you can also request therapists by preferred age range.

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4. What if I Get Aroused During the Massage?

Many men shy away from massages—erotic or otherwise—because they’re too anxious about their reaction to intimate touch. Even if they end up getting the massage, they’re too tense during the session to fully benefit from it.

You’ll be surprised to know that arousal is a relaxation response, meaning it’s perfectly normal to get hard during a sexual and non-sexual massage. Even though your therapist would notice your reaction, they would either ignore or attend to it, depending on the nature of your service.

5. How Should I Correct My Masseuse Without Offending Them?

Open communication is key to a successful massage. While your therapist can read tight muscles, they can’t read minds. Thus, you should communicate any discomfort, pain, or request through oral discourse.

Use your words to let them know you need them to press harder or go easy at points where the pain is going above seven on the pain scale. Far from taking offense, they would welcome this real-time feedback and see it as a way to hone their skills.

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