Full Body Massage

The full body massage is exactly as it sounds: a massage that touches upon all the problematic and unproblematic areas of your body, making them hum, sing, and better than before. However, it’s evolved a great deal over the years.

The Full Body Massage as We Knew It

Traditionally, a full body massage was strictly restricted to those undergoing Rest Cure: a treatment method that involved six to eight weeks of bed rest, involving isolation, inactivity, a fatty diet, electrotherapy, and, of course, massage.

At the time, a full body massage was understood as a way to stimulate blood circulation, appetite, and serve as a substitute for physical exercise.

Now, you’ll find that it also has some sensual benefits that were pointedly ignored at the time but absolutely celebrated at Golden Touch Asian Outcall Massage.

What to Expect During the Session?

A massage session with one of our talented Asian therapists is a highly sensory experience, involving a set of skilled hands and all the major areas of your body, including:

  • Lower extremities
  • Arms and hands
  • Neck
  • Pecs
  • Scalp
  • Scalp

Normally, the session begins once you’re completely or partially naked and lying on your belly with a sheet covering your lower half.

Our therapist will start the massage with your back and shoulders, slowly making their way down your body, and repeat the same drill in reverse once you’ve flipped on your back. The massage winds to a close somewhere around your neck, shoulder, or scalp, depending on whether you require a head massage.

Full Body Massage Specials

If you’ve got an especially problematic area, say a sore back or tight nerves, you can ask your beautiful masseuse to pay special attention to them.

If you’re worried about time, don’t be because our sessions can be adjusted for price and time so that you can make the most of your full body massage in Las Vegas.

Gear Up for a Full Body Massage in Las Vegas

The Golden Touch Asian Outcall Massage in Las Vegas ensures pain relief and erotic stimulation without the transport costs. We’re an on-call erotic massage service that sends the masseuse to you rather than making you travel all the way to a spa, thereby redefining sensual massages all over Vegas.

You can now make a full body massage appointment at Golden Touch Asian Outcall Massage by calling or texting us, and do the same for other services, such as body-to-body massages and Nuru massages.

Get a full body massage for full-bodied satisfaction in Las Vegas.