Nuru massage

Las Vegas is as good a place as any to give free rein to your base instincts. If you’re open to new experiences, then the Nuru massage is the best new experience you’ll have by a long mark. The massage offers unparalleled sexual stimulation and leaves you sated and relaxed for a long time to come.

Decoding the Nuru Massage

Nuru is a Japanese word that indirectly means ‘slippery,’ and the Nuru massage achieves this by using a special Nuru gel that is odorless, stain-free, and non-toxic. While this gel rejuvenates and moisturizes your body, it also ensures a smooth, never mind erotic glide and grind during body contact.

Unlike other Japanese massages, the Nuru massage intentionally incorporates sexual stimulation for the express purpose of relief and pleasure. It often comes with the option of a ‘happy ending,’ which is entirely up to the client.

What to Expect During a Nuru Massage?

For a no holds barred massage experience, you and your Asian masseuse need to be completely naked. The therapist would probably begin the session by rubbing the Nuru gel on both your bodies. Once you’re sufficiently slick, you’ll find them rubbing against your body and maintaining as much physical contact as possible.

Although the slide and grind will create some gel spills, they won’t leave behind stains. So, relax and focus on getting fully aroused as your Asian therapist rubs themselves across your body, alternating positions to give maximum pleasure to your erogenous zones by rubbing them against their own.

The Non-Sensual Benefits of a Nuru Massage

A Nuru massage isn’t your average erotic massage. While it does offer fun and exciting times, you’ll find yourself drawn to the activity to a point where it would have your undivided attention. Therefore, no more would you remember the stresses of everyday life and work or fret about a source of anxiety.

During a Nuru massage, you’re well and truly a person engaged in an erotic act with another person. No more, no less.

Nuru Massage in Las Vegas by Golden Touch Asian Outcall Massage

The Golden Touch Asian Outcall Massage offers an authentic brush with Nuru massage through an Asian massage therapist who is as professional as they are alluring.

When in Las Vegas for work or personal reasons, set some time aside for a titillating massage session. Call our therapist over to a spa, hotel room, or home you’re frequenting, and find sexual satisfaction like no other.

Get a Nuru massage in Las Vegas with the golden touch you need.